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KELCHFASHION GROUP can help you to improve your business by refining your marketing strategies:

Distribution channels are the conduits to your customers. We tell you how to set up, manage and improve your distribution channels by an exact marketing strategy:

-   by an accurate Market analysis: where exactly is your actual position? (how is your product             positioned in the market , who are your  competitors? Are you aiming at the right markets for       your product? What is your final customer you want to sell to? )


-   by developing together with you an accurate marketing plan: where do you want to position         your products, which are the key markets you are aiming on?

-   by improving  your distribution channels ,  by improving the classic “4 Ps” :

    Product ,Promotion, PRICE, PLACEMENT


-   by helping you to analyse how your end-users buy

-   by matching your end-user needs to a tailor made distribution strategy

-   by selecting  the best channel type for your brand

-   by linking the company to worldwide social Media and promoters

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