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KELCHFASHION GROUP offers solutions for customers and businesses partners tailored  to their needs working through a network of specialized  experts.


We can reach our mission to improve your business through the following:

- vertical and horizontal analysis of the markets where our business partners aim to enter.

We find out for you which is the best way to set up a successful distribution.

- Analysis and updating regarding changes in the fashion market. What do consumers in the different markets are now looking for?  How should you change your product to hit the actual need of your end consumer?

-The set up “from the scratch” of the distribution in difficult markets.  Such as BRIC countries. As well as Middle East and the USA (North America and Canada). Our experts are specialized in organizing from A to Z your distribution. We organize it for you, to give you the space to concentrate on product development.

- Our in different markets specialized experts monitorize constantly changes in Retail business of the different markets. Who are the best retailers in these markets for your product? We provide also customer selection in accordance with quality and solvency criteria.  Constant updating regarding developments


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